About Me

Welcome to Hungry with Children.

After blogging for several years as confidential gourmand W. Mark Felt at DC Loves Food, I decided to shed my cloak of anonymity and write as myself. Hungry with Children is a reflection of my life, and the things that are important to me - my family, my fitness, and of course, my food. Like most of us, I am still learning to put those things first. Food sometimes wins out more than it should!

I grew up in a small town in Michigan, and after college, headed to St. Louis, and then my first stop in the DMV. After a stint in SoCal, I returned to Northern Virginia. By day, I teach middle school and online classes. My real job, being mom to two boys ages three and five, never stops. I'm also learning to be stepmom to a four year old girl. Because what do I need in life but a new challenge?!

My favorite thing in the world is to spend time with my sons, but I believe that a well-balanced mommy helps grow well-balanced kiddos (of course, I'm relatively new to this whole parenthood thing, so what do I know?!). I have an absolute obsession with food, and drink...don't forget the drink; most of the time it’s healthy. I balance my habits with lots of CrossFit (I'm totally a cult member), running, Pilates, and yoga. I also burn calories in rabidly cheering on all sports Michigan State. I have lots of other passions too, but not a ton of time on my hands to enjoy them. One aspect of me that must be mentioned is my faith; it's important to me. Though I’m a traditionalist, I don’t always march in step with religious doctrine - unless, of course, that doctrine is preached by one Tom Izzo.

I have very strong opinions, but I feel strongly that everyone else is entitled to their own as well. I am back writing in order to strengthen those skills, become a better educator, and explore a venue for sharing the trials and triumphs of being a mom.

I hope you read; I hope you comment; I hope you enjoy.
- Kelly