Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seasonal Plans

So, my goal for this holiday season is not to step foot in a shopping mall before December 26 - that is, beyond the Santa Claus pavilion at our slightly-ghetto version of a mall down the street. I am not one to pass up a good post-holiday sale, but the commercialism and creep of big box marts and average mall chain stores, well, it’s pretty much reached a breaking point for me.

That said, we will have no shortage of things to do this holiday season. It is more a matter of choosing wisely which activities will be best, and which we will make part of our annual family traditions. 

As noted, we will need to visit the Ballston Commons Mall for H to visit Santa on Friday, and for Penny too, it seems (Sunday, December 4 and 11). 

We have also considered Madagascar on Ice, running through the entire holiday season, which I think H would adore.  But the adult tickets do not come cheap ($35). For the price, however, there is an entire Christmas on the Potomac spectacle, replete with 2 million lights.

One thing that does come cheap (or free, in fact) is Zoo Lights at the National Zoo. I’m fairly sure that we will have to stop by at least once, if not for the Capitals visit, then on another occasion. I will add a note about the fine print to all of the FONZ members out there – parking is discounted, not free, as it normally is

Like the space cadet I am these days, I miscalculated the dates of the White House Christmas Tree Lighting Lottery.  Not that us commoners win the lotteries anyway, but a girl can dream on behalf of her son. That said, we still have the opportunity to join thousands of our closest Arlingtonian friends in at the Shirlington tree lighting on Tuesday, November 29. It’s a thought, but Shirlington can be a parking disaster, so still a thought at this point.

H and I may also spend an afternoon in front of the computer ("pooter") designing a Ronald McDonald Gingerbread House. What a great idea for a less messy version of a classic house for a two-year old.

We continue to debate whether H is ready for his first movie, and Happy Feet 2 may be the perfect pic. What do you think - is two too early for kids-oriented movie showing?

Finally, because we had to detour during our annual fall trip around Middleburg and the surrounding pumpkin patches (there was a traffic jam, and we had to bail, and let me be clear that Loudoun County is not an adequate substitute), I think a Christmastime trip might be fun. On December 3, there is parade (I LOVE A PARADE!!) and it looks like there are some rather adorable beagles involved, and those fantastic butterscotch scones from the Market Salamander.

So, what are your plans for this year? If you are looking for a list of your own to sort through, Kid-Friendly DC has provided a complete round-up of fun holiday activities for the season.

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