Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stockpiled for Irene - Reading Material

Others may have scoured local grocery stores for bottled water, toilet paper, canned goods, and D batteries. I went with electronic reading material (and the hope that neither my Wi-Fi access, nor my MacBook Air batteries would be affected by a power outage, or that my ability to read would be affected by the curious and sticky fingers of certain toddler I know  - ha!). Okay, maybe “stockpiled” is my term of art for “not exactly keeping up with my RSS feed this summer”.  

This year’s DC Zagat ratings look a lot like last year’s Zagat ratings. How Marcel’s continues to be noted on the list, not to mention maintains its top spot, is a guessing game. But, given that I research almost every restaurant we visit, and the fact that I have failed to read a Zagat rating, in, oh 6 years, may lend credence to Tim Carman’s  “We do not live in a Zagat World anymore” theory. - via Washington City Paper

ZOMG. Rather than dipping Oreos into peanut butter, how much more efficient is it to just make Oreo peanut butter? Considering how to serve this deliciousness reminds me of those recent commercials with the mom feeding her kids a “nutritious” breakfast of Nutella.  I have to hand it the marketing guy who made this advertisement - he has gumption. If he is able to convince even one mother that the same sugary goodness that we ate straight-out-the-jar as children is a realistic alternative to Cheerios and bananas, then color me impressed.  But, back to Oreo peanut butter – it’s not for breakfast, but next time I fall off the calorie wagon, I’m calling you! – via embellishing the nest 

While I realize that noodle shop ramen is incomparably better than it tear-and-stir counterpart, I never realized just how involved the good stuff really is. - via I Flip for Food

I'm not sure I wanted to know just how corrupt FIFA is....this is thoroughly depressing. - via Grantland

Aww, thanks Arlington County. They remembered the alter ego's birthday. - via ArlNow

I'm going to stow this cooking camp idea for a couple years in the future. How much fun! - via KidFriendly DC

I was sick of the Burger-FroYo-Cupcake-Pizza takeover a year ago. But, it does not appear to be ending soon (or that NY transplanting everything to DC notion). - via Washington City Paper

Pat Collins being Pat Collins...just on national television - via DCist

There are days when it's not bad to be an attorney (outside of the District, of course). - via ArlNow

Friends have recommended Santa Fe Cafe several times, and every time I drive or walk by, I make a mental note to return, but then promptly forget. I need to stop the forgetting - it sounds rather tasty. 

I'm afraid that two of the parents described in this article may be my neighbors, who have a daughter who plays for the W-L softball team. But, this is some of the most ridiculous crap I've ever heard. Arlingtonians really need to get some perspective. There are school districts that are struggling to keep their teachers employed, but parents in my neighborhood seem to be totally out of touch with reality. To quote the piece, parents complain that, "outfield grass is mowed infrequently" (stop your histrionics and get your butt over there with your mower to help out your daughters' team), that "cages cannot be locked because Quincy is a public park" (yup, homeless people reside in Quincy Park - move to Yorktown if you don't like the reality of an urban high school), and that the "unsecured softball field at Quincy is used as a dog park" (the rest of us who pay our taxes use the public park as well - we have the gall to let our dogs touch the same grass as your daughters' over-privileged feet). Ugh; get over yourselves. - via ArlNow

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