Thursday, January 26, 2017


Yeah, so no posts in the last eighteen months, and well, life. But, things have changed. Our country has drastically changed. I've attempted to express my feelings through words, tried to eloquently draft a post encompassing my belief that fiscal conservatism and compassion for fellow human beings are not mutually exclusive concepts. At this point, I'll reduce my thoughts to a self-created graphic...the devil is in the details here. Because if you can't say anything nice, perhaps it's best to express yourself otherwise.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Imperfectly Perfect

My dad set a perfect example for letting his imperfections shine. He wore coaching shorts through most of the 1980s. He curses up a storm when trying to fix something in the house (or get out of the car without tripping, for that matter). He gave a wedding toast...that involved props. He still jokes about women's asses (sorry, vomited a little in my mouth) and women's driving ("lady drivers" in his words) to his daughter. He is REAL.

I am not perfect - I have proven that in spectacularly public fashion within the last two years of my life. But, these are times that try you, and try your relationships. Throughout it all...the heartache....the fear...the parents were there, loving me despite my faults. They have allowed me to be REAL.

Make no mistake about it, my dad was angry (and those of you who know him know that you don't want to see him angry) when I ended my marriage and left my career. Let me say it again, he was angry with me. He was disappointed in me. He was scared for me. I was still his child. I was still loved, and he didn't give up on me.

I spent most of my life making decisions that ensured I did not make my parents angry, or worse, disappoint them. As it turned out, to really know that I was loved, all I had to do was fuck up in a really, really, really big way. I know now that I will continue to make decisions with which they disagree, and they will still love me. I will continue to try and fail at life, and they will still love me. I will be inconsistent, uncoordinated, stubborn, and bitchy, and they will still love me. Through his emotionally messy way of communicating, it is my dad who has taught me this life lesson.

So, to you dad, for being imperfect...Thank You. In that, you've taught me more and loved me more than you could know. These brief words cannot express this sentiment, but I love you and appreciate you, dad!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Five Wishes for Mother's Day

To each and every one of the stressed-out, guilt-ridden, judged, tired, and still fighting mommies out there, may these things be true today:

(1) When your child spills juice on the carpet during your "mommy time out", may your partner blot - not rub, blot  - to clean up the stain.

(2) May you take a shower (and possibly even a poop ... vector of 'Excited emoticon with her hands put together over mouth) accompanied by none other than the peace and quiet of a closed door this morning.

(3) May you get a loving hug and full-out cuddle from your littles free from elbow blows to the boob.

(4) May you complete your online purchase, registration, and/or professional email, before the fingers of a unsolicited helper play a role.

(5) May the love, laughter, livelihood, and wine (not whine!) of motherhood continue to flow freely today.

Love to the ladies!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


So, I tweeted that I might start blogging again. Yeah, there's been a bit of upheaval in my life and I should probably fill you all, my loyal readers, in...those readers I've ignored for say, the last year and a half or so. There's news, and it should be shared. But, how to do so?!

I know I'm not in a place to devote myself to posting regularly. One, I don't sit at a desk for any extended period of time, and two, I have about an hour and a half of time between getting the boys to bed (yes, it's boys now) and going to sleep myself. In that time, I usually have laundry, dishes, my own shower, and a good glass of wine (okay, it's plural - stop throwing stones) to cover. I know nothing about television anymore, though I make an effort to watch The Newsroom On Demand. Why, you ask, do I not have the means of blogging anymore? Well, in addition to the subtle website tweeks that may fill you in, here's the convenient bullet-pointed list of how my life has changed since you last heard from me. 
  • On April 12, 2012, Deuce was born! He is the happiest, most carefree, crazy child you could ever imagine and I am completely and utterly in love with him.  He joins big brother H in embroiling themselves in all sorts of scandals. Oh, and for reference, you'll see him referred to around these parts as "C."
  • I survived a deep depression (I don't know if I would call it postpartum, but it did occur after C was born) during which I nursed C, read, hid in bed with the shades drawn, and not much else. I came out irrepressibly scrappy on the other side. I'm more myself than I was during most of the last ten years (for those in the know, the term "London Kelly" comes to mind). Watch the eff out!
  • This led to the other C and I separating. Our divorce will likely be finalized early next year. We are now single for non-dramatic reasons. There is no bad guy, and if there is, it's me for needing something more out of life. You live, you learn, and sometimes you get divorced in your early thirties. 
  • I quit my job too! Around the time that the other C (and yes, I'll come up with a better name than "the other C") became a partner in his law firm, I realized I could not juggle my career with the demands of being a mom to two young sons. My legal career is not over, but it's on hiatus for the time being.
  • In January, I started CrossFitting regularly. No other explanation for it, I am completely addicted. My body is ripped, more so than it has ever been in my life. Part of that scrappy part referenced above, yup, I can now kick your arse!
  • Realizing I would soon be a single mom, I thought to myself, "Crap, you better find a job!" I began substitute teaching last Spring, and I am currently in the process of getting certified to teach secondary English, history, or math.
  • We sold the big, fancy house and the boys and I moved to a quaint, rented house in North Arlington. Penny is staying with dad in the meantime, but I try to see her daily.
  • I'm faced with the reality of dating as a single mother. Ahhh!!! Run for the hills! Are you kidding me? It's scary enough to think about it; I'm not ready to write about it yet!
  • I do, however, find myself writing the most honest, personal post of my entire social media existence.
So, there's that. How do you like me now? This post is here to slowly introduce myself back into the social media stream without getting swept up in it.

Before I start writing regularly, I'm getting back into Twitter, and I should probably fire up the old Instagram account as well. I hear all the cool kids are using snapchat too, but I've never been a cool kid. There will be no use of Pinterest without a dedicated purpose either. Y'all maybe over-the-moon about it, but I'm pretty "eh" on the whole Pinterest thing. For now, look for me on Twitter, facebook, or Instagram. I'm making an effort to be around and share my new adventures. Peace out, kids.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Help! Days and Counting...

On a personal note, may I just say that the nursery post is written with so much joy, as I celebrate another friend who has struggled with miscarriage reaching 14 weeks in pregnancy....Mamas carry the burden of realizing just how precious our little miracles are, and how heartbreak is often, and inexplicably, a prerequisite for those miracles.

For me, this week marked 32 weeks, and for a second I did bad math and thought that meant only 40 days. I never screw up math, so I know that I officially now have pregnancy brain. In any regard - yikes; we are getting close! And we still have so much to do. We're (who is this control freak kidding - I'm) still designing the nursery changes for Deuce, who will inherit H's furniture, wall color, and myriad clothing options. But, I'm trying to give him a little something special all his own with a few relatively inexpensive decor upgrades. We have an elephant theme in mind, and I've picked up a few wall decals already (which are, by the way, a much less expensive wall option that "art"). 

While I am otherwise at a loss to explain the appeal of Pinterest, it is quite useful, along with beeclip, for design projects.

But, that still leaves me finalizing the bedding options, and the final lighting shade as well. So, I'm looking for your help here. Which to choose? Help us out reading public - we're running out of time to make these decisions!

The SkipHop bedding set? It's economical, and (bonus points) bumper-free design. But, the color scheme is not my favorite.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

The Pottery Barn set? Navy or gray? The elephant applique is adorable; I'm not a huge fan of the quilt fabric, which would go over our rocking chair.

The Land of Nod set? Lots of vibrant color, but more of a zoo theme, rather than just elephants. It's pricey as well.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Being a child of the 1980s and a teenager of the 1990s, I am of the generation that was raised on many a processed food item. Kraft macaroni and cheese, Chicken-of-the-Sea canned tuna, and, of course, microwave popcorn, were staples of my young diet. While I prefer the flavors and wholesomeness of fresh ingredients, I would hardly disparage processed foods. They allowed our family to be nourished with two working parents and the accompanying busy lifestyle. And to harp on one of my frequent themes, all things are acceptable in moderation. Neither my brother nor I turned out to be obese on such a diet, given that we spent time outside, burning off the calories we took in.

With the convenience of microwave popcorn, however, I never learned how to make stove-top popcorn. Nor did I ever realize just how delicious a treat it could be. Recently, my eyes have been opened anew and homemade popcorn has become one of our staple snacks. While it requires some precision in temperature, and proper timing for preparation, a perfectly popped bowl of popcorn with a dash of sea salt is a simple pleasure. As are the countless other flavors and ingredient combinations that you might encounter (though kettle corn remains a trick I have not mastered, it is one of my favorite snacks). Like I said, though it requires constant attention, oil-popped popcorn takes less than 5 minutes and is a simple process.

I recommend that if you are going to make popcorn at home, you designate an old pan to use solely for this purpose. You can see that ours has had its fair share of use, and well, the popping process takes its toll.

Heat 2 to 3 tablespoons soybean oil and 3 or 4 kernels to medium-high. Cover and wait for kernels to pop (one or two minutes).
Oh yeah, the ingredients. You can use popcorn oil, which is basically soybean oil with a little butter flavor, or basic soybean oil. Coconut oil is the ideal high heat cooking oil (and they sell a raw version at Trader Joe's), but the saturated fat content is very high. As for the corn, we've tried black corn, organic corn, all sorts of varieties. But, the most important thing is to find the largest kernels that you can - it will help prevent burning the popcorn, i.e., the worst odor on earth.

The drool sets in...

Once the oil reaches the right temperature, immediately add enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pan, and throw in a 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. Shake pan to evenly coat kernels with oil. Cover quickly, and shake the pan regularly as the popcorn cooks. Once the pops are 2 to 3 seconds apart, remove pan from heat.

Quickly poor popped corn into bowl and sprinkle with another 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. Shake and serve.

Make sure to drop a couple pieces before serving. Doggies get to enjoy the popcorn love too.

Want a toddler's undivided attention for 15 minutes? Homemade popcorn never fails to do the trick. I can't think of another attention-grabber quite as effective.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Maternity Leave

I'm sorry to take an unannounced leave of absence and then come back with a ranting loony mommy post. I meant to take a small holiday blogging vacation, and it blossomed into a full-on social media exodus - it was a remarkably freeing experience, but if you have made any major life announcements via twitter, facebook, or a blog recently, please go ahead and assume that I missed it. I've been off the grid, as well as a crazy pregnant* kind of under-the-weather, with house guests, holidays, and preschool registration**, not to mention some still-pending home repairs, to boot. So, I'm finally back, and I'm sure that if you had a hectic holiday schedule yourself, that you understand. But, thanks for your loyalty in sticking around and your patience in waiting me out.

But, I don't want to get ahead of myself. While I have posts in the queue, including an anniversary dinner at Palena, I also am in the third trimester with baby deuce (hereinafter, simply "Deuce"). So, while I anticipate blogging for as long as I can, it would be naive of me to pretend that there won't be a day where I just admit my weaknesses and that I need some time off. Now, I promise to let you know when Deuce arrives, complete with photos, but fair warning that I may disappear in the not-too-distant future. I will be back, but consider this my advanced announcement of maternity leave.

* These five (alright - I admit it - four) things I know to be true about second pregnancies - You do indeed get bigger faster; my belly walks in front of me and I still have almost three months left (though I would be willing to bet that we don't see anywhere near 40 weeks with Deuce). Pregnant at 32 is not pregnant at 29/30; my veins, my joints, my bladder (sorry, TMI), and most definitely my immune system are wondering what on earth is going on. You cannot fight the inevitable; up until 25 weeks, I was doing so well, running regularly and staying fit, but it's all over now. Pregnant with a toddler is as much a shock to your reality as bringing a new baby home; there is no special treatment this time (and I seriously mean none), only another child who already needs to be fed.

** Our little H will be a full-on preschooler in just over 2 weeks! Okay, maybe not full-on; he will be starting part-time and then go full-time next Fall. It's hard to believe that he is so grown up already, but I am excited for potty-training, classmates, H speaking Spanish (I'll believe in the immersion after I see how it works on a 2-year-old), and art projects to put up in mommy's office soon. So, look forward to lots of posts of H's Little Bastards days (so as to not divulge the name of H's preschool, we will go with the interpretation of C's boss, who thought C told him that H will be starting the "Little Bastards Academy" soon).